Three zodiac signs who love to sleep are named: morning is a difficult time for them

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Three zodiac signs who love to sleep are named: morning is a difficult time for them

Normally, a person should sleep 8 hours a night to feel rested. However, three zodiac signs can spend all day in bed. They like to take a nap during the day and would rather never set an alarm clock. According to astrologers, Cancer, Pisces and Libra made the list.

Cancer treats sleep as an escape from reality

Cancers are sensitive and emotional by nature. They usually experience everything very hard, which makes them fatigued not only mentally but also physically. For them, sleep is a way to relieve stress. When they are sad or can't cope with something, they take a nap. If they only sleep a few hours at night, they will be distracted and irritable during the day. The only thing they will dream of is resting in a warm, comfortable bed.

Pisces: sleep is their middle name

Pisces are true dreamers. They like to create different scenarios in their head and analyze everything that happened on a particular day. Natives of the sign quickly get tired of everyday duties, so right after coming from work, they prefer to take a nap. Pisces is ready to give up social events, because it is more important for them to get a good night's sleep. If they don't respond to your texts and phone calls, you can be sure they are just sleeping.

Libras will always find time to relax

Libras usually care a lot about getting a good night's sleep. They can plan everything so that they can end up in bed and sleep for 8 hours. They have a clear routine, and natives of the sign can't imagine staying up all night. For Libra, sleep is the best kind of rest. They may work at full capacity during the day, but nighttime is a time for tranquility. Before going to bed, they like to relax, for example, by taking a hot bath.

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