The men by zodiac sign who can turn a woman's life into a nightmare are named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The men by zodiac sign who can turn a woman's life into a nightmare are named

There are men with whom a woman feels protected. But there are also those who can turn a partner's life into a disaster, astrologers say. We 're talking about Sagittarius, Cancer, and Libra. Read more!


Sagittarius men are very independent and selfish. They are also persistent, like to talk only about themselves, and perceive their partner as their property. Natives of this sign can only live in relationships that bring them joy and satisfaction. Everyday responsibilities are not for them

If a woman refuses to live by these rules, a Sagittarius man simply forces her to do so. He will never compromise or change - if you fall in love with a Sagittarius, you should be prepared for all of the above.


These men are able to be romantic only at the beginning of a relationship, know how to give compliments and enjoy life. Once the routine begins, they show their true colors. Unlike women born under the constellation of Cancer, these men are not suitable for family life. They are selfish and do not take into account the wishes of their partner.

In addition, they are also jealous and capable of causing a scandal over a trifle. Moreover, in disputes, Cancers are able to hurt, and the worst thing is that they do it quite deliberately. Natives of this sign are also not good at taking responsibility.


Astrologers say that men born under this sign are among the most decisive people in the world. They think for a long time before making any decision, analyzing all the pros and cons. It is important to them that everything happens exactly as they planned, and if something goes wrong, they no longer understand what to do.

Any discussion with these men usually ends in an argument because they cannot accept that someone else might have a different opinion. This is the case when cohabitation with a Sagittarius man is possible only if a woman is ready to be not a partner, but a mother who "flows" with his desires.

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