The worst partners by zodiac sign: their jealousy and selfishness destroy relationships

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The worst partners by zodiac sign: their jealousy and selfishness destroy relationships

Not everyone is a good partner in a romantic relationship. Some are prone to manipulation, others to jealousy, while some can control their significant other so much that they may feel trapped and unhappy.

According to astrologers, jealousy, manipulation, control, and selfishness destroy romantic relationships that Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini are trying to build. People of these zodiac signs often do not realize that their actions harm others.


Aquarius is a real manipulator. Due to trust issues, people of this zodiac sign try to control their partner. They see a trick in everything, so to protect themselves from pain, they blame their other half for everything. Aquarians turn even the smallest problem into a big drama. It is impossible to cope with them. Hundreds of conversations, assurances, and constant proof of love are not always enough. Natives of this sign need attention in a relationship and the assurance that they will not be hurt again.


Sagittarius puts himself first. He is a natural leader who often has to assert himself at the expense of his partner. People of this zodiac sign rarely care about the needs of their significant other unless they see a vested interest in it. Sagittarius is extremely relentless, so he can remember even a trifle many months later. His impulsiveness and desire for control lead to serious misunderstandings in relationships.


On the one hand, Gemini is looking for stability, but on the other hand, they dream of being independent throughout their lives. People of this zodiac sign shirk responsibility and prove themselves right at all costs. Although at the beginning of a relationship Gemini seems to be the perfect partner, they get bored when the first infatuation passes. Routine and stability are not easy for them, although they often struggle with it. Such people need space and confidence that their partner will show great understanding.

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