The punishment will be severe: one zodiac sign will face reckoning in November 2023

Anastasia Kryshchuk

The punishment will be severe: one zodiac sign will face reckoning in November 2023

The horoscope for November 2023 indicates that one of the twelve zodiac signs will get into serious trouble. Fate is preparing a hard life lesson for them. According to astrologers, Leo, known for ambition and leadership spirit, will be under attack.

Leo previous inattention and disregard for the consequences of their actions will cause problems - for Leo, November, will be a month of humility and repentance. Natives of the sign may lose their authority at work and a large amount of money.

According to astrology, Leo is one of the strongest zodiac signs in the entire horoscope, but the last month of autumn is not their time. As a natural leader, Leo often falls into narcissism and thinks he is better than others, likes to be surrounded by a luxurious lifestyle and puts material wealth above relationships, with loved ones.

That is why Leo will be punished by the stars - Leo will face the consequences of their selfishness. Leo will realize that they are not special and cannot cope without loved ones.

In addition, competitors will actively plot behind their backs - unless Leo shows humility and learns to admit mistakes, they may lose a high-paying job. This will be a big blow both financially and emotionally.

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