Lenses or glasses: which is better and more comfortable to use

Maryna Gramovych

Lenses or glasses: which is better and more comfortable to use

When it comes to vision correction, the most common choice is between lenses and glasses. UAportal looks at the advantages of lenses and glasses, as well as aspects to consider when choosing.

Field of vision

When comparing lenses to glasses, there are several factors to consider. First, lenses offer a wider field of vision than glasses, which can be especially helpful for driving or sports. Second, lenses are lightweight and offer a more comfortable wearing experience, putting less strain on the nose and ears.


In terms of comfort, lenses have the advantage of not fogging up when moving from one environment to another, unlike eyeglasses. This characteristic is especially important for activities that involve frequent movement. In addition, lenses eliminate the risk of frame breakage, which is a common problem associated with eyeglasses.

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Cosmetic point of view

From a cosmetic point of view, lenses look more natural than glasses because they sit directly on the eye. This quality is useful for people seeking a sophisticated look, or for those who want to improve their eye color with colored lenses. Lenses also fit better with fashionable eyeglasses because they can be worn with a wider range of frames, including designer brands.

Benefits of eyeglasses

While lenses have numerous advantages, eyeglasses do as well. First, glasses are easy to put on and take off, which is great for people who need temporary correction. In addition, eyeglasses are less prone to contamination than lenses.

Glasses provide significant physical comfort to the eyes by protecting them from dust, debris and accidental impact. Eyeglasses prove to be cost-effective as they require less maintenance and replacement compared to lenses, which require regular replacement for hygienic reasons.

Let us remind you that almost all people who wear eyeglasses face the problem of lens fogging every winter. How to avoid condensation on the glass to always stay "with vision", read in our material.

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