The cat scratches furniture and wallpaper: how to wean the pet

Maryna Gramovych

How to wean cats from scratching furniture

In this article UAportal prepared tips on how to make sure that the cat does not damage the furniture and wallpaper at home. We told how citrus-scented spray can deter cats and how the creation of specially designated places for scratching can change their behavior.

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Spread citrus flavoring on furniture

One effective way to prevent cats from scratching furniture and wallpaper is to scatter a citrus-scented spray on the affected areas. Cats are generally not fond of citrus scents.

A pet-safe spray should be selected and applied to furniture and wallpaper. It is recommended to re-spray regularly as the scent may wear off over time.

Buy scratching posts

Another useful tip is to purchase scratching posts for cats. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and by providing them with special scratching spots, you can redirect their behavior away from furniture and wallpaper. Sturdy and stable scratching posts should be chosen, preferably made of sisal or cardboard, as these materials are safe for cats.

Trim the cat's claws

You should trim your cat's claws to minimize the risk of unintentional scratching of surfaces. Special cat clippers or trimmers should be used and care should be taken not to cut the claws, which can cause discomfort or bleeding. If the owner does not know how to properly trim the claws of the cat, you should consult a veterinarian or a professional pet groomer.

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