The cat came into the house: what it can mean

Vladyslav Moskalenko

The cat came into the house: what it can mean

According to beliefs, the presence of cats in homes has great significance. When a cat enters a house, different interpretations arise, revealing different beliefs in different cultures and regions. UAportal tells about them more specifically.

In Ancient Greece, cats were welcomed with joy, while in Rome they were considered a symbol of freedom. Among Slavic peoples, cats also have a symbolic meaning.

What to do if the cat unexpectedly visited your home, and what portends such a visit

It is recommended to provide the cat with shelter and food, as well as just affectionate stroking can bring positive results. The appearance of a cat in your home is considered a favorable sign.

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Meanings of different colors

  • A red cat means wealth and prosperity.
  • The presence of a white cat brings good luck.
  • Black cats, which are considered protectors from thieves, portend good health and success.
  • Tri-colored cats, on the other hand, symbolize happiness.

Features of behavior and symbolism

  • A pregnant cat that ventures into the house often means a quick addition to the family.
  • If the cat comes into the house before the wedding, or better yet, sneezes next to the bride, it is believed that this will bring happiness to the future spouses.
  • However, you should be careful if the cat sleeps on the table, as it can be a sign of potential bad luck.

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