What are the myths about cats? Folk signs

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What are the myths about cats? Folk signs
The most common myths about cats. Source: Pexels

Throughout history, cats have been attributed various characteristics and abilities, some of which may be completely false. UAportal tells about the most common myths.

1. Decoding predictions

While cats have long been associated with their alleged ability to predict weather changes and natural disasters, scientists say that this mystical property can be explained by their increased sensitivity. However, experimental studies have not yet yielded definitive results. Despite this, many people firmly believe in the intuitive abilities of felines.

2. The ability to see the paranormal

It is a common belief among superstitious people that when a cat freezes and stares intently at a certain place, they are witnessing something paranormal. In fact, this phenomenon often has a simple explanation. Cats can be attracted to any mysterious sound or movement coming from the next room or even the apartment. Their keen sense of smell and exceptional eyesight allow them to perceive minor obstacles, making them keep a close eye on the situation, more out of curiosity.

3. Healing ability

The calming effect of cats, which helps to relax and relieve stress, is not just a myth. It is noteworthy that British researchers have discovered that pets, in particular cats, emit an electromagnetic field. It is believed that this field contributes to their potential to resolve and alleviate certain symptoms, leading to the overall well-being of their owners.

4. Why cats always fall on their paws

First, it is important to explain that this is not always the case. Secondly, cats have extremely flexible bodies and a well-developed sense of balance, which makes them agile and able to land gracefully. However, it is important to note that cats need time to adapt their position in the air, so a successful landing depends on various factors. Although they can easily land on their paws after falling from a tree, falling from a bed may not always lead to the same result.

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