What diet is right for you according to your zodiac sign? An unusual horoscope

Anastasia Kryshchuk

What diet is right for you according to your zodiac sign? An unusual horoscope

How to create a perfectly balanced menu? Astrologers say that you need to take into account the lifestyle of each zodiac sign. Aries should choose a low-carb diet, Cancer should opt for a vegan menu, and Sagittarius should go for a Mediterranean menu. Read more!


Aries is a volcano of energy. He leads an active lifestyle, so he needs a balanced diet and regular meals to keep fit. Unfortunately, sometimes he eats unhealthy snacks. Aries should include a lot of protein and fat in their daily menu and avoid carbohydrates completely. It is recommended to take supplements, mainly magnesium and vitamin D.


Taurus, like the Greek Dionysus, loves to feast, eat and drink wine to excess. As a result, they have trouble maintaining a proper BMI. A Taurus diet should be based on the elimination of carbohydrates, i.e. foods such as bread, pasta, cakes, and sugar, the inclusion of a low-fat menu, will lead to weight loss.


Gemini, as one of the representatives of the air element, should come down to earth a bit and take care of proper nutrition. The ideal diet for Gemini individuals should be gluten-free. Eliminating wheat, rye, and oats and replacing them with rice, potatoes, sorghum, corn, and tapioca will have a positive effect on the digestive system.


Cancer pays a lot of attention to taking care of their diet. He is prone to hypochondria and loves to cook. It is not for nothing that they are credited with hypersensitivity, and this applies equally to the sphere of emotions and physical well-being. Cancer should follow an easily digestible, mostly vegan diet and avoid dairy products, which negatively affect the digestive system.


Leo is one of the strongest signs in the entire horoscope. A strong personality goes hand in hand with good health, but unfortunately, a busy lifestyle can lead to a negative impact on their diet. Leo does not adhere to certain meal times and often gravitates towards unhealthy snacks. A ketogenic diet is recommended, which involves the complete elimination of carbohydrates and their replacement with high-fat foods.


Virgo has to control every area of life, including a healthy lifestyle. Dishes prepared according to proven recipes usually have the appropriate calorie content and are well-balanced. However, given the fact that Virgo leads a sedentary lifestyle, she should switch to a vegetarian diet.


Libras, like Gemini and Aquarius, are influenced by the element of air, which means a busy schedule and they have no time for a healthy diet. The Libra menu should be dominated by a rainbow diet consisting of vegetables and fruits. What does this mean? Each day of the week has a different color: yellow Monday, red Tuesday, blue Wednesday, green Thursday, orange Friday, purple Saturday, and pink Sunday.


Scorpio is an individual who does not follow trends, including in matters of healthy eating. They eat irregularly, with menus based mostly on semi-finished or ready-made fast food, which has unpleasant consequences in the form of stomach problems and weight disorders. Given its nature, you should use foods that activate the hormone of happiness.


Lack of moderation is one of the main sins of Sagittarius. He refuses sweets, fried meat, and alcohol, and doctors sound the alarm. If he doesn't change his habits in time, he may face serious health problems. The Mediterranean diet, the use of locally produced products, and the restriction of red meat are recommended. Fish, seafood, and a menu rich in vegetables should help promote proper metabolism.


The rationalist is closer to the ground than to the sky. Unfortunately, his traditional approach to nutrition is not conducive to health. Capricorn should choose the MIND diet. It is recommended for people who spend a lot of time at work and live under a lot of pressure. This way of eating requires a lot of effort and fits perfectly with Capricorn's behavior.


Aquarius is especially prone to anemia. This is not surprising, as they treat food as an inevitable evil. The introduction of semi-liquid dishes such as cocktails, smoothies, and soup blends can help change bad habits. A light diet rich in cereals and vegetables, containing vitamins A, B, and C, which strengthen the body's immune system, is the best choice.


Pisces often suffer from compulsions and use food to regulate their emotions. In this way, they fight negative feelings, reward themselves, and then feel remorseful. They are prone to eating disorders, so regular meals are important for them. A five-meal plan is recommended while avoiding sugary snacks and fast food.

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