How to plant magnolias: important tips for successful growth

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What you need to know about planting magnolias
How to plant magnolias. Source: www.pexels.com

Magnolias are exquisite flowering trees that add beauty to any garden. For a successful planting, it is important to choose the right time and method. UAportal has prepared some valuable tips for gardeners who want to grow these particular plants.

Place for planting

Magnolias grow best in sunny areas with minimal shade from neighboring tall trees. To ensure good growth, it is best to avoid planting in wet or sandy soil, which prevents the plants from taking root. Instead, choose neutral to slightly acidic soil enriched with organic matter.

Time to plant

The ideal time for planting is during the spring season when temperatures have stabilized and the threat of frost has decreased. Trees planted in spring have the whole summer to strengthen and acclimatize, which will ensure that they are well prepared for winter.

When choosing seedlings, give preference to those with many buds and a strong root structure. Closed root systems prevent excessive drying of the roots, which increases the tree's chances of successful survival.

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To plant a magnolia, start by digging a hole that is twice the size of its root system. Mix the excavated soil with compost or sand if the soil is heavy. Creating a drainage layer about 20 centimeters deep at the bottom of the hole will prevent waterlogging.

This layer can consist of pebbles, expanded clay, or broken bricks. Add a 20-centimeter layer of sand on top of the drainage layer, followed by the potting mix.

Comfortably position the seedling in the center of the pit, making sure that the ends of the root are about 5 centimeters above the surface. Gradually cover the roots with an additional layer of soil, gently tamping the soil around the trunk.

After planting, water the magnolia thoroughly to provide it with the necessary moisture. After the tree has absorbed the water, protect it from liquid loss by covering the trunk circle with a layer of peat and then pine bark. These layers of mulch serve as effective moisture retainers, preventing rapid water loss.

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