How to choose the sweetest tangerines: Useful tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to choose the sweetest tangerines: Useful tips
Tips for choosing sweet tangerines. Source: freepik.com

When it comes to choosing tangerines, quality is key. The right color, texture, weight, and flavor are important factors to consider. UAportal told you what to look for when buying.


Deep orange tangerines may indicate sweetness, while pale or greenish ones may be unripe and tart. Smooth, shiny skin is also a good indicator of ripeness and sweetness.


It is important to gently squeeze tangerines to check their firmness - they should be firm but give in to pressure slightly. Overly soft or mushy tangerines may be overripe and too sweet.


When choosing tangerines, it is important to look for those that seem heavy for their size and have a slightly bumpy skin. This indicates that they are juicy and ripe. In addition, it is important to avoid fruit with soft spots or blemishes, as they may be overripe or damaged, which will cause them to lose their flavor.


One of the most effective ways to choose sweet tangerines is to smell them. Sweet, ripe fruits will have a fresh and citrusy aroma. If they do not have a noticeable odor, they may not be ripe enough.

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