How to choose a perfume fragrance that suits you

Maryna Gramovych

How to choose a perfume fragrance that suits you

Perfume is a powerful tool that can improve our mood, give us confidence and make a lasting impression on others. However, with so many different fragrances available, it can be difficult to find the right one. UAportal has prepared some simple tips for choosing a perfume scent.

Consider your personality

When choosing a perfume, consider your personality type. Are you sociable, confident, and energetic, or are you more reserved, introspective, and sensitive?

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For example, if you are outgoing, you may prefer a bold and spicy scent that attracts attention. A person who is more intuitive may prefer a softer and more discreet scent.

Also, think about what scents you naturally gravitate towards. Do you prefer floral, fruity, or woody scents? Use this information to choose your perfume.

Think about the occasion

Different occasions require different scents. For example, a light and refreshing scent is ideal for the daytime, while a heavier and more sensual scent is perfect for the evening.

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If you are going to a formal event, choose a classic and sophisticated flavor. Conversely, for a casual walk with friends, you can choose a more playful and light scent. Considering the occasion, you can choose a perfume that will complement your outfit and the overall atmosphere of the event.

Test the fragrance

Don't just rely on the description of the fragrance or the appearance of the bottle. Instead, try it on your skin to see how it interacts with your body.

Apply a small amount of the fragrance to your wrists and wait a few minutes for the scent to open up. Do not sniff the fragrance directly from the bottle as this may distort the scent. Instead, let it develop on your skin and decide if it suits you.

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