How to increase vocabulary: unusual ways

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to increase vocabulary: unusual ways

UAportal tells you how to increase your vocabulary with these unique and practical tips. Discover creative methods that make learning new words fun and easy.

The Power of Pictures

One unusual tip for increasing vocabulary is to use visual aids. Visual aids, such as a picture dictionary or flashcards, can help with visualizing and remembering new words. By associating words with images, it becomes easier to grasp them.

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Games with words

Test your mind and enrich your vocabulary with interesting word games. Puzzles such as crosswords, word searches and scrabble are an enjoyable and interactive way to expand your knowledge, learn new words and their different meanings.

Context is key

Explore how context affects the expansion of your vocabulary. Read books and articles from different genres and time periods to familiarize yourself with different word choices and sentence construction. Considering the contextual use of words will help you understand their subtle nuances and deepen your understanding.

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