How to save and multiply money in your wallet: 3 effective lifehacks

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to save and multiply money in your wallet: 3 effective lifehacks
Lifehacks for saving money. Source: Pexels

We all strive for beauty, health, and financial prosperity. Although money cannot be the only goal in life, it can materialize our desires and satisfy our needs. UAportal told you about three interesting lifehacks that will help to increase the money in your wallet.

Buy quality things

An ancient proverb says: "A miser pays twice". Few people realize its true essence. The relentless pursuit of cheaper goods, discounts or inexpensive clothes often leads to wasting savings.

Instead of filling your closet with numerous discounted but lower quality items, consider investing in two or three pieces of quality fabric. This approach ensures durability, longevity and enjoyment of your purchase.

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Buy wisely

This tip is different from the previous one and emphasizes the importance of prudence when making purchasing decisions. Quality goods can be found not only in stores of exclusive brands. Notably, second hand stores also boast clothes made of good materials.

Look for information

Staying informed about various opportunities, finding part-time work and ways to multiply savings is a significant contribution to personal wealth. Being active in life means looking for changes in your job, starting your own business, advertising and selling old things or renting out your home.

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