How to save space in your suitcase: 5 effective tips

Maryna Gramovych

How to save space in your suitcase: 5 effective tips

Planning a vacation can be an exciting process, but packing your suitcases often turns into a real challenge. UAportal has told you how, following simple rules and recommendations, you can ensure a carefree and efficient packing process for your upcoming trip.

Pack only the necessary things

Reduce the amount of clothes you take with you on your trip. Take only 2 pairs of shoes, 5 outerwear items (such as T-shirts, jumpers, and shirts), and 1 swimsuit. For underwear, plan to bring only two options.

Choose one full-length bottom, such as pants, and one shorter version, such as shorts. However, please note that you should choose clothes according to the weather and necessity.

Choose clothes in neutral colors

Choose clothes in neutral colors in calm shades. This will make it easier to combine things.

Roll up your clothes

When it comes to packing a suitcase, it's important to maximize space. To achieve this, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Choose compact containers

While it's important to carry your basic beauty products, carrying full-size jars or bottles often adds up to extra bulk in your luggage. To minimize the space taken up by your cosmetics, put them in small, travel-friendly containers. You can use different options for this, for example, recycle small disposable bottles or even use old lens containers to store cream or lotion.

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