How to make a bouquet of roses stay fresh longer: 5 useful tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to make a bouquet of roses stay fresh longer: 5 useful tips
Tips to make a bouquet of roses last longer. Source: Pexels

Roses are often the best choice of flowers for a gift. However, it can be difficult to preserve the beauty of bouquets for a long time. UAportal has prepared some effective tips that will help your flowers last much longer than usual.

Change water regularly

To ensure the longevity of your bouquet of roses, make it a habit to change the water every day. Boil it first and let it cool to room temperature before replacing it.

Trim stems

Trimming rose stems daily can significantly extend their life. Just cut a short length from the bottom to improve water absorption.

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Use aspirin solution

Extend the shelf life of your bouquet by dissolving 1-2 regular aspirin tablets in the water in the vase. This works well for storing any flower bouquet.

Sort different varieties

If your bouquet consists of different types of flowers, it is important to sort them properly. Roses, in particular, should stand together for optimal preservation.

Vinegar and sugar

The combination of vinegar and sugar can prolong the freshness of flowers. Apply this method by adding these substances to the water daily, immediately after each water change.

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