How to prevent ice from forming in the freezer: effective tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Life hacks to prevent ice in the freezer

UAportal tells you about practical tips and tricks on how to prevent ice formation in the freezer. Find out how defrosting your freezer regularly and keeping it organized can help with this problem.

The optimal arrangement of food in the freezer

One of the life hacks that will help prevent ice from covering the freezer is to arrange the food in the freezer correctly. Start with a logical arrangement by grouping similar foods together. This will make it easier to find what you need and minimize the time the freezer door is open.

Also, be sure to label and date all bags and containers. Finally, regularly check for expired or unused food and throw it away to free up more space and improve air circulation in the freezer.

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Defrost regularly

Another useful tip for preventing ice from forming in the freezer is regular defrosting. Every few months, when the ice layer becomes significant, schedule a defrost. Take out all the food, then unplug the freezer and put towels around it to collect any water that drains out.

Allow the ice to melt naturally, avoiding the temptation to scrape it off as this can damage the freezer. Once the ice is completely melted, wipe the interior surface and dry it thoroughly before plugging the freezer into the wall outlet.

Set the temperature correctly

Maintaining the appropriate temperature inside the freezer is crucial to prevent ice from forming. Set the temperature in the freezer at around -18°C to ensure that food freezes properly without causing excessive ice formation. Do not set the temperature too low, as this may result in wasted energy and overload the compressor.

Also, make sure that the freezer door is tightly closed to prevent warm air from entering, which can contribute to ice formation.

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