How to organize a general cleaning: Effective tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to organize a general cleaning: Effective tips

By deciding to do a thorough cleaning once, you can easily keep your home clean and tidy in the future. To ensure your home is cleaned effectively and efficiently, follow these four key tips that UAportal has prepared.

1. Develop a cleaning plan

Start by creating a comprehensive cleaning plan that outlines the tasks you will perform throughout the day. For optimal results when cleaning the entire apartment, it's best to start with the furthest room and move toward the entrance.

2. Start with the bedroom

Start by thoroughly washing the chandelier and wiping down the dust. Stack items in their assigned places and mop the floor thoroughly.

3. Pay attention to the details in each room

When cleaning, thoroughly clean different areas in each room. Remove curtains and send them to the washing machine while washing windows and doors. Knock down mattresses to remove dust and vacuum carpets.

Take time to put your closets in order and consider donating clothes that haven't been worn in the last year to make room for new items. Finally, clean the baseboards and floor.

4. Take care of the kitchen and bathroom.

In the kitchen, be sure to clean the windows, doors, and all appliances. Defrost the refrigerator, wash the shelves thoroughly and throw away all expired and unnecessary products.

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Thoroughly clean the stove, microwave and oven. Don't forget to sanitize the garbage can to prevent harmful bacteria from breeding.

In the bathroom, wash tiles thoroughly, as they often harbor bacteria. Use disinfectants to clean the toilet bowl repeatedly.

Choose specialized bathroom cleaning products to effectively remove germs and dirt from showers. Do not forget to protect yourself from harmful chemicals by wearing a mask and rubber gloves during cleaning.

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