How to store valuables in the hotel properly: effective methods

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Safe storage of valuables in the hotel room
Safe storage of valuables in the hotel room. Source: freepik

It is very important to keep your personal belongings safe while traveling and staying at the hotel. UAportal told you what methods and techniques should be used to effectively protect your values.

Hotel safe

During your hotel stay, one of the safest places to store your valuables is the safe. Most hotels provide this service specifically for storing important items such as passports, cash, jewelry and electronics.

Make sure that the safe has a unique code that is easy to remember, and before leaving the room, check that the safe is securely locked. It's important to note that hotel safes aren't foolproof, but they do provide an extra layer of security to protect your valuables while you're traveling.

Inconspicuous containers

Another effective way is to hide things in invisible, at first glance, objects. Small items such as money and jewelry can be stored in empty hygiene containers, such as clean empty shampoo bottles, empty sunscreen bottles, or empty lotion containers to disguise valuables.

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Sabotage safe

Sabotage safes are cleverly designed containers that resemble everyday items, allowing you to discreetly hide important items in plain sight. Popular examples of sabotage safes are a disguised soda can or even a hollow book.

Portable safe

Investing in a portable travel safe is a convenient way to protect personal belongings during your hotel stay. These safes offer a level of security similar to a traditional safe but without permanent placement in a hotel room. Travel safes can be attached to immovable objects in the room, for example, to the bed frame or furniture, which will provide additional protection against theft.

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