How to store opened wine: effective tips

Maryna Gramovych

How to store opened wine: effective tips
Tips for storing uncorked wine. Source: freepik.com

Proper storage of uncorked wine is essential to preserve its quality and taste. UAportal talks about important tips to maximize the shelf life of your favorite drink.

Storage in the refrigerator

One of the tips is to store uncorked wine in the refrigerator, as low temperatures slow down the oxidation process that causes the drink to spoil. This is especially important for white and rosé wines, as they are more sensitive to heat and oxidation.

By placing the wine in the refrigerator with a cork, you can preserve its flavor and aroma for several days. It is important to make sure that the bottle is in an upright position to minimize the surface area that is in contact with the air.

Transfer to smaller bottles

One way to store open wine is to transfer it to smaller bottles. This reduces the amount of air and oxidation in the container, preserving flavors and aromas for a longer period of time. Providing minimal headspace in a smaller bottle can help minimize the wine's contact with air.

Proper corking

A simple but effective method of storing open wine is to seal the cork tightly with plastic wrap. After re-corking the bottle, by tightly wrapping the top with plastic wrap, you create an additional barrier against air. This helps preserve the freshness of the wine and prevents it from spoiling quickly.

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