How to wash black clothes without losing color: life hacks

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Life hacks for washing black clothes

In this article, UAportal has prepared practical tips on how to care for black clothes to prevent color fading. From separating the laundry to choosing the right washing conditions, these tips will help you keep your black clothes bright.

How to separate black clothes before washing

To wash black clothes without losing color, it is very important to separate them properly before washing. Before putting black items in the washing machine, make sure they are separated from light or heavily soiled items. This will help prevent discoloration and dirt transfer, which will keep your black items looking bright and fresh.

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Use cold water and mild detergent

Preserve the color of your black clothes by using cold water and mild detergent. Cold water preserves the color intensity, reducing fading. Avoid hot water as it can cause color loss.

Choose a mild detergent specially formulated for dark or black fabrics to avoid damaging the color pigments. By using a delicate cycle in cold water, you can preserve the richness and dark color of your black clothes after each wash.

Turn clothes inside out and air dry them

For extra color protection, turn black clothes inside out before washing. This technique minimizes friction and rubbing, reducing the risk of color fading or fabric damage.

Opt for air drying rather than tumble drying as excessive heat can cause color loss. Find a place in the shade away from direct sunlight to hang your black clothes so that they retain their dark shade for a long period.

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