How to help a child learn a poem: tips from experienced teachers

Maryna Gramovych

A poem with a child

Poetry is essential in a child's education, developing important skills and fostering a deeper understanding of the world. UAportal has picked up five practical tips on how to engage children in learning poetry, developing their creativity and knowledge.

The power of words

When explaining why it is important for children to study poetry in school, it is important to emphasize its beauty and the power of words. Learning poetry allows children to express thoughts and emotions in a unique and creative way.

It also improves reading, writing and language skills, as well as developing creativity. Understanding and appreciating poetry can deepen their understanding of different subjects, promote empathy and develop critical thinking.

Broaden your child's horizons

Introduce your child to different poets and their works to show the diversity of views and experiences reflected in poetry. Discussing themes and key messages will help children develop their own interpretation.

Encourage them to create their own poems as this provides an opportunity for self-expression and self-discovery. By studying poetry, children can gain confidence in communicating effectively.

Develop imagination

Emphasize to your child that poetry allows them to appreciate the beauty of speech and engage their imagination. Reading and reciting poetry together can be a great experience.

Encourage exploration of different forms such as hokku, sonnets or free verse to show individual preferences. Learning poetry in school also develops memory and public speaking skills.

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Child development

Explain to your child that poetry goes beyond words; it evokes emotions, deepens thoughts and shares experiences. Poetry offers a path to the deepest connection with self and others.

By appreciating and understanding poetry, children develop empathy and a better understanding of the human experience. It serves as a bridge between cultures and historical moments.

Teach your child to perceive poetry

Encourage your child to see poetry as a companion in  life. The study of poetry in school lays the foundation for a deep understanding of literature and language. Poetry provides comfort, inspiration, and is a means of self-reflection.

Even as adults, people can turn to poetry to navigate their life's ups and downs. Studying poetry in school opens up a world of eternal beauty and personal growth.

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