How to keep kitchen knives sharp: 3 effective tips

Maryna Gramovych

Maintaining the sharpness of the knife
Maintaining the sharpness of the knife. Source: freepik

Keeping kitchen knives sharp is essential for efficient and safe cooking. UAportal has shared some practical tips to help keep the blades sharp and reliable.

Using a cutting board

Always use a cutting board instead of cutting on hard surfaces such as countertops or plates. This will help prevent the knife blade from dulling from contact with hard materials. To avoid damaging your knives, it's important to choose a cutting board made of a knife-safe material, such as wood or plastic.

Proper storage

Store knives in a special block on a magnetic strip or in a knife sheath to protect their blades from contact with other objects or surfaces. Do not store them in drawers where they can easily come into contact with other objects and become dull. When transporting knives, always use a blade protector to protect the blade from damage.

Regular sharpening

Regular grinding and sharpening is crucial to keeping your kitchen knives sharp. Using a sharpening steel to smooth the edge of the blade before or after each use helps to maintain its best performance. In addition, if you notice a deterioration in the sharpness of the knives, you should take them to a workshop for professional sharpening.

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