How experienced housewives use sponges for washing dishes: 3 useful life hacks

Maryna Gramovych

How experienced housewives use sponges for washing dishes: 3 useful life hacks
Tips for using a dishwashing sponge. Source: Pexels

Standard dishwashing sponges are a household staple because of their indispensable role in everyday cleaning. However, dishwashing sponges can be versatile tools that go beyond their primary purpose. UAportal has prepared three interesting life hacks on how to use these sponges in a different way.

Preserve the integrity of the soap

Regular use often reduces the consistency of bar soap, primarily due to frequent contact with water. Traditional soap dispensers are not able to effectively solve this problem.

Instead of placing a bar of soap directly on the soap dish, try putting a sponge on it first. This will not only soften the soap, but also absorb excess moisture.

Cleaning agent

One of the constant inconveniences that arise during cleaning is the constant need to reapply detergent to the sponge. However, there is one trick to reduce this dependence.

Save small amounts of soap that are usually thrown away. Use a knife to make an incision on the side of the sponge and put the soap in it. It only needs a quick rinse under water before use.

For sewing

Many experienced housewives are fond of sewing and embroidery, which requires proper storage of sewing accessories. Surprisingly, an ordinary sponge can play an important role in neatly organizing your sewing supplies.

Consider using a sponge as a compact needle storage solution. Its soft, absorbent material makes it the perfect cushion for storing these delicate items.

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