How to use avocado pit: interesting life hacks

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Life hacks for using avocado pits

Avocados are known for their excellent taste and nutritional properties. Although the flesh of the fruit is most often consumed, there are several ways to use its pit. UAportal will share these life hacks.

Massage to relieve stress

Avocado pits can be used for massage at home. Take 5-10 seeds and use them in a massage for yourself or family members. You can also relieve tension and reduce stress by standing on the pits for a few minutes.

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Natural skin toning scrub

Great skincare doesn't have to be based solely on expensive spa treatments or store-bought beauty products. Make a natural scrub by crushing an avocado pit and mixing it with sour cream. Massage this mixture onto clean, damp skin and then rinse with water. The scrub will help restore skin tone.

Natural shampoo

Place an avocado pit in the oven to dry it thoroughly. Grind the dried pit into a fine powder using a kitchen aid. Then boil the powder with any quality shampoo for about 30 minutes. Pour the shampoo into a convenient container, using several layers of gauze for filtration. This method will help improve the condition of your hair.

As a reminder, we wrote that the norm for a person is to eat half to one avocado a day.

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