How to maximize productivity on Friday to start a great Monday

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to maximize productivity on Friday to start a great Monday
Things to do on Friday. Source: Pexels.

Friday is a long-awaited day of the week that often feels like a drag on the workday. But instead of looking forward to the weekend, you can make the most of the day to ensure a great start to the next week. UAportal tells you how to maximize productivity on Friday.

1. Make important connections

Use the afternoon to network with new potential clients or contacts. Engage in conversations, send out sales pitches, and lay the groundwork for future collaboration. Spending time on these activities will leave you looking forward to the week ahead.

2. Organize and plan

Spend some time planning for the week ahead. Go through your calendar, set deadlines, and create to-do lists. Set reminders on your devices to keep you on track.

Doing this exercise will help clear your mind of any last-minute details that may arise, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed and carefree weekend.

3. De-clutter your home

Before the weekend starts, clean up your desktop. It's tempting to put things off until Monday, but getting one important task done on Friday will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but also ensure a clean start to the week ahead.

4. Rework your daily routine

Analyze your usual weekly routine and identify any distractions or stressors that hinder your productivity. Whether it's over-communicating during coffee breaks or wasting time scrolling through irrelevant emails, make a conscious effort on Friday to create a new, energizing work routine.

5. Think about the future

If you are wrapping up work, take time to reflect on your career and personal aspirations. Write down your thoughts and reflections and determine if you are heading towards the future you want. Clearly articulate your goals and ambitions, which can guide your actions and decisions in the coming week, or even inspire you to think about new opportunities.

6. Surprise yourself

Bring a moment of pleasure into your work life by hiding a small reward in your desk drawer or office on Friday. It can be delicious chocolate, a scented candle, or any other small indulgence that will make you happy. And on Monday, when you return to work, discover this pleasant surprise again.

7. Express your gratitude

Before you say goodbye to the week, plan a thoughtful gesture to show your admiration and appreciation for a colleague who has made a positive impact on the work environment. Prepare a sincere thank-you note, bring a small bouquet, or any other expression of your appreciation. Hand it over on Monday morning and enjoy the joy of seeing someone's week start positively.

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