How to easily freshen up the smell in your home: simple and natural remedies

Maryna Gramovych

How to easily freshen up the smell in your home: simple and natural remedies
Life hacks for creating a pleasant smell. Source: freepik

UAportal has prepared simple but effective ways to maintain a fresh and cozy atmosphere in your home using everyday household items. We have reviewed three natural methods of dealing with unpleasant odors.

Citrus peel air freshener

You need to store and dry the peels of citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons, and then use them as a natural air freshener.

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Dried peels can be put in a small bag and hung in the bathroom or kitchen. You can also enhance the flavor by adding a few drops of essential oils.

Baking soda carpet deodorizer

To effectively freshen up your carpets, sprinkle baking soda, leave them on for a few hours, and then vacuum. Baking soda is well known for its ability to absorb odors, making it a great natural home freshener. This method can help to eliminate any unwanted odors and leave your carpets clean and pleasantly scented.

DIY room spray

Make a room spray by mixing water with a few drops of your favorite essential oils in a spray bottle. Using natural ingredients is a safer alternative to commercial air fresheners that may contain harsh chemicals.

Earlier, UAportal wrote about various natural methods that allow you to flavor your kitchen quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of products after frying or cooking. After all, these persistent odors can linger for a long time.

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