How to get rid of mold in the house: experienced housewives shared their secrets

Maryna Gramovych

How to get rid of mold
How to get rid of mold. Source: UAportal

Mold usually appears on walls, window sills, tiles and in ventilation ducts. UAportal tells how to get rid of mold and prevent its reappearance.

Special means

For effective mold removal, it is recommended to use specialized or universal cleaning agents. These ready-to-use solutions have detailed instructions. Usually they are sprayed on the affected areas and left for a certain time, after which they are wiped with a cloth or sponge.


Vinegar can be applied to the mold-affected surface with a sprayer or brush. After that, it is left for some time, and then wiped with a cloth. Vinegar is often combined with baking soda for better effect.


Bleach is a more aggressive mold remover (requires gloves) and is commonly used during renovations. It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and sprayed on the affected surface. It is very important to completely dry the walls before carrying out any repair work.

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Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective only in the initial stages of mold development. To prepare the solution, mix 2 ml of tea tree oil with 100 ml of water and add one teaspoon of salt. This solution is applied to the affected surface without washing off.

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