How to get rid of pesky horseradish in the garden: effective tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Tips on how to get rid of horseradish in the garden

Horseradish is a great seasoning for preserving when grown in small quantities, but it can also be an annoying plant in the garden. Horseradish can be challenging to cultivate because of its resistant and branched root system. However, UAportal will give you some useful tips that will help you get rid of this plant.

One of the common mistakes is to try to dig up horseradish with a shovel as the plant quickly returns. This is because even a small part of the root left in the soil can grow back, and the roots can stretch up to 7 meters in depth.

The pitchfork method

The most effective method of removing horseradish from the garden is a mechanical approach that ensures complete removal of the root system. Instead of a shovel, use a pitchfork to gently dig up the rhizome and then gently pull out the entire plant.

Chemical solutions

You can use another method. Apply chemical solutions to "poison" the horseradish and allow it to dry. When using herbicides, it is important to follow the instructions and protect your body with masks and gloves.

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The blackout method

In cases where horseradish grows separately, not among the vegetable beds, you can use the blackout method to destroy it. This approach works for any type of plant. Simply cover the area where the horseradish is growing with a material that does not transmit light, such as roofing material, slate, black film, or an opaque cloth. Without access to sunlight, horseradish withers and eventually disappears.

Folk methods for dealing with horseradish

For those who prefer to avoid chemicals, several folk remedies can be effective in the fight against horseradish. One option is to create a tincture of manure or mullein and water. Dilute them in a ratio of 1:5 and pour the mixture abundantly over each horseradish bush. The properties of fresh manure will accelerate the death of the weed.

To prevent horseradish from growing back in subsequent seasons, you can use nitrate fertilizers. Start by removing horseradish leaves during the summer months to limit growth. In the second half of the season, fertilize horseradish generously with nitrate until the first frost. This fertilization will force the horseradish root to grow vigorously, which will ensure its death in winter as it will freeze and not survive until spring.

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