How to get rid of condensation on windows: effective life hacks

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Destroying moisture on the windows
Eliminate condensation. Source: www.pexels.com

UAportal has prepared useful tips to help get rid of condensation on windows. These are effective solutions for reducing moisture accumulation on the glass surface.

Silica gel bags

An effective method of preventing condensation on windows is to place silica gel bags on the windowsill. This material is highly absorbent and helps reduce moisture accumulation. Once the filling becomes saturated, they should be replaced to maintain their effectiveness in fighting condensation.

This simple and cost-effective approach can significantly reduce moisture levels on windows. In addition, it can prevent mold and mildew from growing on window sills, thereby improving indoor air quality.


Another effective method of eliminating window fogging is to use a dehumidifier. By reducing the overall humidity level in the room, you can prevent condensation from forming on the windows.

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To ensure maximum efficiency, choose a dehumidifier that is the right size for the room. Regular maintenance, such as emptying the water tank, is essential to ensure the device's efficient operation and high-quality moisture extraction.


Ventilating your home regularly can also help reduce condensation on windows. Opening windows or using exhaust fans in humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom promotes airflow, allowing excess moisture to escape.

Continuous ventilation during and after humidity-related activities, such as cooking and showering, can significantly reduce window deposit formation. In addition, the use of ceiling fans can help circulate air, minimizing the accumulation of steam and reducing condensation on windows.

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