How to use adhesive tape in everyday life: 3 useful life hacks

Maryna Gramovych

How to use adhesive tape in everyday life: 3 useful life hacks
Life hacks for using adhesive tape in everyday life. Source: Pexels

Adhesive tape has many possibilities beyond its intended use. UAportal has prepared three non-standard ways to use adhesive tape that will definitely come in handy.

Removing a splinter

Removing an annoying splinter can be a very unpleasant task. However, with the judicious use of adhesive tape, the process of removing a splinter is greatly simplified. To reduce the discomfort, carefully stick a piece of tape to the affected area and then quickly remove it, following the direction of the splinter.

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Restoring shoelaces

Over time, the ends of shoelaces deteriorate, making it difficult to thread them through the tiny shoelace holes. A simple but effective solution is to use duct tape. Wrap a layer of tape around the frayed end of the shoe.

Protecting the floor

Rearranging furniture can breathe new life into any room. However, this process can inadvertently damage flooring, especially linoleum or laminate. Stick a few strips of adhesive tape on the legs of the furniture to protect it.

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