How to use cola in everyday life: 4 interesting tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to use cola in everyday life: 4 interesting tips
Tips for using cola in everyday life. Source: Pexels

Cola, everyone's favorite carbonated drink, has amazing qualities that go beyond quenching thirst. UAportal has reviewed five ways to use cola that you hadn't thought of before.

Stain remover

Cola contains acidic compounds that make it a worthy alternative to store-bought stain removers. Cola can easily cope with difficult stains.

Insect repellent

Did you know that the high sugar content of Coca-Cola can serve as an effective repellent for annoying insects? Simply place bowls of it outdoors to keep wasps, bumblebees and other uninvited guests away.

Aphid repellent

Experienced gardeners use cola to control aphids in their beds. Diluted with water, this solution acts as a practical remedy against these tiny pests, helping to protect your plants from harm.

Remedy against rust

Rust-covered tools no longer need to be thrown away. Fill a container with cola and immerse the rusty objects in it so that they are completely covered. Watch as it removes the rust and brings the tools back to working order.

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