How to quickly find information on the Internet

Maryna Gramovych

Using different methods to find the right information
Life hacks for finding information. Source: pexels

In today's information-filled era, the ability to quickly and efficiently find the right content on the Internet is of utmost importance. UAportal has prepared life hacks that will help you easily find the information you need.

Use advanced search methods

Many people do not know or simply do not use advanced search features. These features can be used to refine your search query and get more accurate results by using quotation marks, minus signs, and other symbols. Specific keywords and site search can also help you find information on a particular website.

Using browser extensions

You can significantly improve your internet search speed by using browser extensions and add-ons. Highlighting text on any web page and instantly searching for this phrase becomes possible thanks to special extensions, which saves time by bypassing the manual process of copying and pasting text.

Using the ChatGPT neural network

To quickly find information using ChatGPT, formulate a clear and specific query using keywords or phrases. Try to structure your question in such a way as to get an accurate answer. This neural network can provide information based on its trained database, but it is also recommended to check the results and use this tool as a supplement to other sources.

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