How a pin can protect against the superstitions and bring good luck

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to use a pin

The pin has a dual function: it is a handy tool for sewing and mending clothes, as well as an ancient amulet against the harmful effects of the evil eye and negative energies. UAportal will tell you how to use a pin to attract good luck.

The pin symbolizes unity and integrity, offering protection from discord and conflict in the family. However, there are certain rules to follow to maximize the symbol's effectiveness.

Purchase a pin

It's important to buy or receive a pin as a gift, rather than borrowing one from someone else. This will preserve the positive influence.


The pin should either be blessed in a church, or a prayer should be read over it.

Attach it to your clothes

To ensure effectiveness, discreetly attach the pin to your clothes, ideally to your underwear or the inside of your clothes, so that it is invisible to others.

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Replace the pin

The pin should be replaced monthly or more often if it loses its shine or becomes rusty. This indicates that it has absorbed a significant amount of negativity and needs to be cleaned.

In addition, the pin can be attached to clothing with different intentions:

  • Protection from the evil eye and negativity: attach the pin to the left side of the body, closer to the heart.
  • Attracting good luck and prosperity: attach the pin to the right side of the body, preferably near a pocket.
  • Improving health and immunity: pin on your belt or back.
  • Gaining love and harmony in the family: attach the pin either in the center of the chest or near the wedding ring.

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