How to safely clean a TV screen: care guidelines

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to wipe a TV screen

Cleaning your TV screen can be a challenging task, given its delicate nature and vulnerability to damage from common cleaning products. It is very important to follow the correct cleaning methods to prevent scratches. UAportal has reviewed the basic rules of cleaning and provided recommendations on the best approaches to maintain the flawless appearance of the TV screen.

Basic rules

First of all, before you start cleaning the TV screen, remember to unplug the device from the outlet to ensure your safety. Only turn it on when the screen is completely dry. Also, avoid applying excessive pressure when cleaning, as this can damage internal components that may require professional repair or even replacement.

How to wipe the screen

To effectively clean your TV screen, use a soft cloth without abrasives or brushes. You can also use a cotton swab to wipe the seams between the body and the screen. Never apply liquid directly to the screen. Instead, lightly dampen a cloth or rag with a cleaning solution and then gently wipe the screen.

The best cleaning products

A convenient choice is specialized screen wipes, which can be found in home improvement stores, supermarkets, and online stores.

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Another alternative is to use specialized cleaning liquids or foams that can be applied to a soft microfiber cloth or rag to clean the screen. Many of these products are available as complete kits that include all the tools you need.

What not to wipe the screen with

Always make sure that the cleaning product you choose is specifically formulated for cleaning TV screens, which should be clearly stated on the package. Do not use alcohol, window or dishwashing detergents, acetone, or powdered substances, including baking soda, as they can cause permanent damage to the screen.

Finally, you should not use toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, old newspapers, or even regular wet wipes to clean your TV screen. These materials are usually too abrasive or can leave lint and fibers on the screen. Similarly, you should completely avoid homemade products and car glass care products.

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