How to safely and effectively use baking soda at home

Maryna Gramovych

things that don't like soda
Basic tips for safe use of baking soda. Source: www.pexels.com

Baking soda is an all-purpose cleaner, but there are certain things you should never clean with it. UAportal has prepared a comprehensive set of recommendations that will help housewives navigate the use of this tool at home.

Protect your home appliances

Baking soda should never be used to clean aluminum as it can cause discoloration and oxidation. It is also not recommended for cleaning gold and silver jewelry, as it can scratch and damage delicate surfaces.

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Also, be careful using baking soda on marble surfaces, as it can damage the stone. Instead, choose cleaners more suitable for these surfaces to keep them looking their best.

Preservation of clothes and fabrics

Although baking soda is a great natural detergent, it should not be used on wool or silk fabrics as it can damage and weaken the fibers. In addition, do not use it to clean delicate fabrics.

Health and hygiene

It should be remembered that you cannot clean contact lenses with baking soda, as it can cause irritation and an abrasive effect on the eyes. It's also important to avoid using baking soda to wash baby bottles and nipples, as any residue can be harmful to babies. Also, don't use baking soda on your skin or hair, as it can upset the natural pH balance and cause irritation.

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