Worst time of the year or a real fairy tale? How different zodiac signs feel about fall

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Worst time of the year or a real fairy tale? How different zodiac signs feel about fall

There is probably no time of year that has completely different faces as fall. It can be both beautiful and extremely unpleasant. It is not without reason that many people experience a bad mood known as fall moping. Read in detail how different zodiac signs feel about fall!


Aries loves the golden autumn - that's when they  feel  in their plate, cause they love to spend time on walks, admiring the colorful leaves and catching the sun rays. Unfortunately, when gloomy weather sets in, Aries becomes extremely nervous, anxious, struggles with a decline in energy and lack of motivation. This zodiac sign reacts very strongly to the weather. Fall is a real roller coaster for him.


Taurus is a big fan of summer, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like fall. He approaches the subject rationally. Taurus likes to use the weather to spend more time under a blanket with ginger tea or cinnamon coffee. Watching TV shows or visiting friends and family.


Seasons don't have much meaning to them. Sometimes they do not even notice that the temperature suddenly dropped a few degrees or melted snow, so busy with their business. Gemini by nature love change, so enthusiastically welcome the fall - as well as winter, spring or summer. They enjoy observing the changes that occur in nature.


They usually states that they doesn't like fall, but he doesn't show it. Cancer spends most of their time at home in the fall and does not feel unhappy or resentful because of it. They test new recipes, sort through clothes and knick-knacks, reads books and watches movies, and likes to take afternoon naps, which allows him to balance his energy levels.


Leo tries to maximize the use of their time. They make plans for the future and analyze  their past achievements.  This is a time of summarizing and the last moment to catch up on something before the new year. Because of this, Leo often feels a surge of motivation and works at double speed.


Fall is a time of general cleaning not only in the apartment, but also in the head. Often Virgo in the fall takes up a new activity or gives up the current one. Usually the natives of the sign are very busy and extremely focused on themselves, which does not go unnoticed by loved ones. Not everyone likes it, but Virgo needs this kind of time just for themselves.


Autumn for Libra is a time of taking stock. Therefore, natives of the sign can be happy or calm, excited or sad, discouraged or angry. Libra feels a lot of tension and pressure, so fall does not have positive associations for them.


Autumn is not their favorite season, but he has some affection for it because of his birthday. Natives of the sign tend to have very high expectations of themselves and others, leaving them disappointed and dissatisfied as a result.


Some of the greatest people are born under this zodiac sign. Sagittarians love colorful leaves as much as they love watching the rain from the window. After all, this is their time of year, they feel at ease and just plain good. Sagittarians don't even mind the cold, puddles, mud, frost or the ubiquitous darkness in the morning and evening.


They approach life quite practically, but they like to complain about the weather. Capricorn is actually glad to have an excuse to stay home and work or stay longer in the office.


Aquarians are divided into two groups. The first loves fall and looks forward to it all year round. The latter hate this time of year and would like to burrow into bed and wait for spring.


Fall is the hardest time of the year for them. The gentle Pisces tend to be meteoropaths and can't handle the weather changes and short days. The temperature outside the window makes them feel cold inside their body. They often pick up infections, which doesn't make things any better.

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