October can be dangerous for three zodiac signs: here's what awaits them

Anastasia Kryshchuk

October can be dangerous for three zodiac signs: here's what awaits them

In October, the arrangement of stars in the sky will be very dynamic. Therefore, according to astrologers, some zodiac signs will be under particular threat. They will face dangers, but they can be avoided if you are well prepared.


October may bring Leos big changes in their social configuration. There are people around the natives of the sign who clearly want to harm them. Leos should closely monitor the actions of those with whom they have been communicating lately. Gossip, slander - all of this can ruin Leos' reputation and push other people away from them.


Capricorn, who is obsessed with work, may believe that if they are doing well, others appreciate it. Nothing could be further from the truth. In October, unforeseen situations may arise at work when Capricorn will be blamed for other people's mistakes, even though it will not be his fault. That's why they shouldn't let their guard down for a moment - it will help them avoid serious problems.


Pisces, known for their somewhat naive faith in people, are in danger of big trouble. They will have to think carefully about whether the people in their immediate environment really deserve their trust and whether they should help them. In October, Pisces may face a dilemma about whether to lend a helping hand to others. The decision should be carefully considered, because Pisces can become a victim of their gullibility.

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Also, among all the natives of the zodiac circle, there are two who have a tough character - they easily accept challenges and achieve what others can only dream of.