Stay away from them! Five zodiac signs that are energy vampires have been named

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Stay away from them! Five zodiac signs that are energy vampires have been named

Some people have heavy energy and can drain the strength of others. Communicating with them can be unbearable, especially for those who are highly sensitive. According to astrologers, energy vampires are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


Taurians often complain about life to others: they look for problems that don't exist and attribute failures and even illnesses to themselves to arouse sympathy. Natives of the sign are considered energy vampires because they drain the energy of those who communicate with them. They are constantly playing on emotions.


Cancers like to "feed" on the energy of other people. Natives of this sign tend to thrive on other people's emotions, and most often, those close to them suffer from contact with them. Cancerians can engage in emotional blackmail, and in relationships with their soulmate, they may demand constant proof of love and loyalty, as well as make accusations.


Scorpios are energy vampires who can use the abilities of others to their advantage. Most often, Scorpios choose indecisive people whose will is easy to suppress, but sometimes they will confront strong rivals if their honor is trampled upon.


Sagittarians usually have enough of their strength and energy, so they don't need to "recharge" from others. However, they can be fueled by other people's emotions during heated arguments and conflicts. It is not easy to avoid energy drain when dealing with such people because Sagittarians are used to seeking the truth and will take energy from their opponent until they stop talking.


Pisces are often called emotional vampires, and for good reason. Representatives of this sign often complain about life, trying to gain sympathy and help. When dealing with Pisces, it is important to be vigilant so as not to succumb to manipulation and become "victims" for a long time.

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