Photos that you should not use as phone's screensaver to avoid harming yourself and your loved ones

Maryna Gramovych

Photos that you should not use as phone's screensaver to avoid harming yourself and your loved ones

Modern technology has become an integral part of our lives, and smartphones accompany us throughout the day. However, when it comes to choosing a phone screensaver, it is important to keep in mind certain beliefs and signs to avoid potential harm to yourself and your loved ones.

UAportal offers to find out which photos should not be used as screensavers.

Photo of the smartphone owner

Starting with the photo of the smartphone owner, specific prohibitions come into effect. First, it is recommended to avoid pictures where a person is looking directly into the camera. It is believed that such images attract bad luck and even illness.

In addition, screensavers in which the owner looks sad or scared can negatively affect the overall mood. Interestingly, this opinion is supported not only by superstition but also by psychological research.

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Photos of loved ones

There are two main reasons to be careful with photos of loved ones. First, there's a risk of bringing the evil eye or causing envy. Similar advice can be found in esoteric teachings, where it is not recommended to put photos of loved ones in your wallet for the same reasons.

Secondly, constant exposure to shared photos can increase the likelihood of noticing flaws or imperfections, potentially leading to disagreements and misunderstandings.

Images of children

Another aspect worth paying attention to is the image of children on screensavers. It has long been believed that newborns should not be shown to strangers, and sometimes even close relatives. This rule also applies to using children's photos as a screensaver on your phone, if you adhere to these beliefs.

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