What an ordinary vegetable peeler can do: 3 interesting life hacks

Maryna Gramovych

What an ordinary vegetable peeler can do: 3 interesting life hacks
How to use a vegetable peeler. Source: Pexels

A modest device designed primarily for peeling vegetables, often forgotten on the far shelf of the kitchen cabinet, actually has many useful features. UAportal has told you about three unusual ways to use a vegetable peeler creatively.

Shredding cabbage

Tired of shredding cabbage for your favorite borscht or salad? The solution is your reliable vegetable peeler. Using this tool, you can significantly speed up the shredding process, saving time and effort. Try it and see how it will revolutionize your cooking.

Slicing cheese

Impress your guests with an elegant cheese plate with evenly sliced pieces of gourmet cheese. Use the vegetable peeler to achieve perfect slices. For added aesthetic appeal, experiment with the fluted nozzle to create a fascinating and unique presentation.

Chocolate chips

Want to take your homemade desserts or cakes to the next level? Pick up a vegetable peeler, gently run it over a chocolate bar a few times, and you have beautiful chocolate chips ready to garnish your culinary creations. Let your imagination soar as you transform your dishes into mouthwatering works of art.