What to do to keep white socks from losing color in the wash: effective tips

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Tips for washing white socks

UAportal has prepared an article on how to properly care for white socks to preserve their color. We have prepared 4 important tips for washing clothes.

Use cold water

It is advisable to use cold water to wash white socks, as hot water can cause color fading or stains, making socks look dull or uneven. Cold water will help keep your socks white. In addition, cold water is gentle on the fabric and reduces the risk of socks shrinking.

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Separating white socks

Another tip is to separate white socks from other clothes when washing. This will prevent color transfer from other things, especially if they are brightly colored or have been dyed recently.

Put white socks in a separate load and wash them together to maintain color integrity. It is also worth turning them inside out.

Avoid bleach

Although bleach is a commonly used cleaning agent, it is best to avoid it for white socks. Bleach can weaken the fibers of socks and cause yellowing or holes.

Instead, choose a mild laundry detergent specially formulated for white clothes and follow the instructions for use. Alternatively, consider using natural stain removers such as lemon juice or baking soda for stubborn stains.

Air dry indoors

To further protect the color of your white socks, avoid using a dryer and prefer air drying. Excessive heat in the dryer can cause socks to shrink or lose color.

Hang your white socks in a shady place where they can air dry naturally and retain their bright color. Also, do not wring out the socks too much to prevent stretching.

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