5 safest countries in Europe: Where to go on vacation

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Top 5 safest countries in Europe
Top 5 safest countries in Europe. Source: UAportal

In this article, UAportal tells you about the five safest countries in Europe. From low crime rates to friendly locals, these destinations offer a calm and safe environment for travelers.


Topping the list of the safest countries in Europe is Iceland. With its breathtaking scenery, low crime rate, and friendly locals, Iceland is a paradise for tourists looking for peace and security.


Another country known for its safety is Switzerland. With an efficient and reliable transportation system, low crime rate, Switzerland offers safety for both residents and tourists.

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Known for its excellent healthcare system, low corruption and high quality of life, Finland provides a safe environment for its residents.


Austria ranks fourth in the ranking of the safest countries in Europe. With its beautiful landscapes, low crime rate, and reliable healthcare system, Austria offers a harmonious and safe environment for both residents and tourists.


Denmark completes the list. Known for its strong social welfare system and low crime rate, Denmark provides a stable and safe environment for its residents. The strong belief of the Danes in social cohesion and their commitment to sustainable development contribute to the country's impressive safety record.

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