5 places in the house that need attention: Where you forget to clean most often

Vladyslav Moskalenko

5 places in the house that need attention: Where you forget to clean most often

Keeping a clean home is important to the health and well-being of every family. By cleaning regularly, you can prevent unpleasant odors, mold growth, and dust accumulation that can trigger allergies.

Even diligent homemakers can overlook certain places that contribute to an unhygienic environment. UAportal tells you more about these places.

1. Blinds

Blinds, commonly used in both offices and homes, increase the overall percentage of dirt. The metal slats on the blinds tend to accumulate a significant amount of dust.

2. Rubber gaskets in refrigerators

Few people think about the fact that crumbs, food particles, dust and bacteria accumulate in the folds of rubber seals in refrigerators. If you look closely, you can find food residue.

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3. Under the furniture

The space under sofas, dressers, cabinets and shelves on small legs can literally be a treasure trove of hidden surprises. Clumps of dust, hairs, lost items such as bills or coins, forgotten clothes, even rubber bands you lost years ago can accumulate there.

4. Surfaces of doors, windows, and picture frames

Dirt brought in by wind and rain can easily get into the crevices of exterior and interior doors and window frames. In addition to damaging rubber seals and metal components, this dirt has a significant impact on the overall appearance of these surfaces.

5. Seams between tiles

Neglecting the seams between tiles in bathrooms and kitchens can lead to unsightly looking walls. Regular exposure to soapy water, oil drips and condensation can cause the joints to yellow over time. In extreme cases, mold can appear, requiring thorough cleaning, sometimes even with an old toothbrush and special solutions.

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