3 cutting board life hacks that will simplify your kitchen work

Maryna Gramovych

3 cutting board life hacks that will simplify your kitchen work
Life hacks with a cutting board. Source: Pexels

Reducing the time spent in the kitchen is a desire shared by many. Fortunately, there are some useful tips and tricks that can greatly simplify the cooking and cleaning process. UAportal has told you about three practical tricks with a cutting board that will make your daily kitchen work easy and enjoyable.


You will need a container or box that matches the size of your board. Preferably, the container should have a lid. Place the lid under the board to create a place to collect the chopped ingredients.

This simple device eliminates the need for frequent trips to the trash by allowing you to dispose of waste directly into the container. Save time and reduce clutter on your desk with this effective solution.

Stationery erasers

If your cutting board tends to slide around while you're working, there's a simple solution. Take a few rubber bands and secure one at each end. This tricky life hack prevents the board from shifting on the table.

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How to easily clean a cutting board

Over time, you may notice that wooden boards develop stains and discoloration. To restore their original appearance, you'll need regular sandpaper.

Begin by gently sanding the surface of the board until it is smooth and the stains disappear. Then wipe the board with a damp sponge and let it air dry.

Earlier, we told you how to wash windows with iodine solution. In particular, it can be prepared at home in a few minutes. While the cost is minimal, the result will definitely impress you.

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