10 ways to save energy and money with an air conditioner

Vladyslav Moskalenko

10 ways to save energy and money with an air conditioner
How to use the air conditioner sparingly. Source: Pexels

Using an air conditioner can lead to high electricity consumption and increased costs. However, there are many ways to reduce energy consumption, save money, and still enjoy the comfort of a cool home. UAportal has prepared ten basic summer life hacks that will help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner.

1. Choose energy-efficient air conditioners: Look for models with an energy efficiency class of at least A or A+.

2. Cool only the most important rooms: Focus on cooling the rooms where you spend most of your time to minimize energy loss.

3. Maintain Airtightness: Keep doors and windows tightly closed when the air conditioner is running to prevent hot air from entering your home.

4. Protect your home from the heat

– Lower the blinds or use curtains to reduce direct sunlight, or consider installing external blinds.

– Create shade with a canopy over the windows, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

– Improve insulation inside the home to minimize heat gain in the summer.

– Install tinted film or double-glazed windows to protect against the sun's rays.

– Switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs, which produce less heat.

5. Set the right temperature: Avoid overcooling the room by maintaining a comfortable temperature of 23-24 degrees Celsius. Do not allow the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures to be more than 12 degrees.

6. Morning ventilation: Take advantage of the cool morning to open the windows and ventilate the room before the heat of the day.

7. Regular maintenance: Make sure you schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioner. Regularly check, clean the dust filters, and top up the coolant to improve its efficiency.

8. Air circulation: Ensure unhindered air circulation by avoiding any obstructions to the airflow from the air conditioner.

9. Optimize usage: Instead of turning on the air conditioner continuously, use a built-in timer or a smart outlet for periodic cooling sessions.

10. Efficiency at night: Use the energy-saving "sleep" mode when using the air conditioner at night. For an added benefit, if possible, consider using a dual-zone electricity meter to take advantage of reduced electricity rates between 11 pm and 7 am.

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