Why add salt to dishwashing detergent

Kateryna Dutik

Why you need to add salt to detergent - life hacks for housewives
Why you need to add salt to detergent

Salt is an ingredient that can be used in many applications. It's an eco-friendly household product that can help you save a lot of money, especially when cleaning.

According to Sante Plus, salt, known for its whitening properties, has also long been used as a detergent. It deeply cleans stubborn stains in record time.

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Some housewives add salt to dishwashing liquid, but this unusual use has a specific purpose - an unprecedented cleaning effect. Due to its consistency, salt can remove traces of browning on pots and pans.

To use this tip, pour a teaspoon of salt into a small amount of detergent that you can make yourself. You can use a watering can to pour it directly into a bottle to which you add a little water. Then close and shake so that the ingredients are well mixed.

Thanks to this solution, it is easy to remove traces of grease as well as food residues present in the containers, thanks to the abrasive ability of the salt. We remind you that it is recommended to wear gloves when washing dishes.

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