How to choose high-quality and flavorful ground coffee in the store: expert advice

Ihor Romanko

How to choose a good ground coffee

The trend of abandoning instant coffee in favor of beans is a good one. As a rule, high-quality food and drinks are not only a guarantee of our health but also a component of happiness.

Choosing the right coffee is not only about knowing how to brew it properly but also about the art of choosing it on store shelves. If you're not sure where to start, here are some useful tips reported by Ukr.Media.

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Roasting date

Some think that coffee has no expiration date and can be stored for decades. But this is a deep misconception. Like any other product, coffee can spoil.

It is important to pay attention to the date of roasting. Fresh beans give the drink a pleasant flavor, while old ones can give it an unpleasant taste.

Coffee beans are like berries, and they spoil in the same way. Therefore, it is better to brew coffee within 7-21 days after the roasting date.

Roasting method

There are many roasting methods, and they give coffee a variety of flavors. For example, a nutty or chocolate flavor can be achieved with different techniques.

It's important to try different roasts to find the one you like best.

Variety and processing

You should pay special attention to coffee varieties. Arabica is considered to be of higher quality than other varieties. When buying beans, it is better to choose whole beans rather than ground ones for greater flavor and longer storage.

The processing method also affects the taste of the drink. It is important to know whether the beans were sun-dried or water-dried.

Choosing a brewing method

Not all types of coffee are suitable for every method of preparation. Medium roasts and grinds are suitable for jezve, while dark roasts and coarse grinds are best used in a French press.

Espresso requires the darkest roast and finest grind. Knowing your preferences and choosing the right ingredients guarantees real pleasure from a cup of coffee.

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