To turn off or leave working all day: how to use the boiler more economically

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To turn off or leave working all day: how to use the boiler more economically

A boiler is one of the most expensive electrical appliances in a home. On average, for a family of three, a boiler heats about 6 cubic meters of water and consumes up to 200 kWh per month.

YASNO has collected tips on how to save energy when using a water heater.

If you are only at the stage of choosing a boiler, then, first of all, you need to decide on its volume. It is inappropriate for a family of two or three people to buy a 100-liter model - this is extra money and energy waste. Also, be sure to pay attention to the efficiency class - it should be A/A+ and higher.

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How to save electricity with an already-installed boiler

After installing a water heater, following these simple tips will help reduce the amount on your bill:

  • Adjust the heating temperature to 55 degrees, which will reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort.
  • Clean and descale the inside of the boiler on time. Scale impedes the transfer of heat from the heating element to the water, leading to overheating and increased energy consumption.
  • Program the boiler to automatically turn on/off at the right time via a smart socket. If you have such a socket and a two-zone meter, you can pay half the price for electricity used from 23:00 to 7:00 (provided that you have a connected nighttime electricity tariff).

Do not constantly disconnect the boiler from the mains so that more energy is not spent on heating the water than on maintaining its temperature.

Experts from Duffy Heating also note that it is more economical if the boiler is constantly running at a low temperature. The same applies to boilers that heat water.

Many people believe that unplugging the boiler from the outlet will help save energy. However, this is not entirely true.

If the water heater is modern, then turning it off will not provide any significant savings. The fact is that almost all electricity is used to heat new cold water. As for the standby mode, modern water heaters have fairly good thermal insulation; they keep the temperature many times better than thermoses. Therefore, turning the boiler on and off will not do anything.

However, there are a few cases where turning off the water heater can still save energy:

  • If the boiler is used irregularly, for example, only during interruptions in the hot water supply.
  • If you go on vacation or a business trip or go to the country on weekends.

In these cases, turning off the boiler will help you avoid wasting electricity on heating water that will not be used.

If you use the boiler regularly, unplugging it from the outlet will not save you any money. On the contrary, it may even lead to an increase in consumption, as in the morning, you will have to heat all the water that has cooled down overnight.

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