Select this mode: how to save energy when using your washing machine

Maria Tsikhotska

Select this mode: how to save energy when using your washing machine
Saving money on laundry is realistic

A washing machine is an integral part of household appliances, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life. Undoubtedly, it makes daily chores easier. At the same time, using a washing machine increases electricity consumption. As it turns out, by following certain rules, you can significantly save on utilities. This was written by TikTok user @budgetingmumofficial.

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How to save electricity while doing laundry

Every washing machine has one button that allows you to effectively reduce utility costs. However, many people do not know about it and do not use it. As a result, they have to pay significant amounts for electricity and water.

The TikTok blogger claims that most of the energy is spent on heating water in the washing machine. In her opinion, lightly soiled clothes can be washed at a temperature of 20 degrees. Therefore, she advises lowering the temperature during the start-up process. For effective washing, she suggests adding a little bleach.

Another way to reduce payments is not to overload the drum. This leads to poor-quality washing and the need for additional cycles, which means more energy consumption. So before starting the machine, make sure it is not overloaded.

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